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Pop culture of Sydney: The multilingual turn?

State Library of NSW (The Metcalfe Theatre) 11am - 1pm, Saturday 29, June Korean artists BTS and Blackpink can stop Sydney traffic with screaming K-pop fans. Sydney-based musicians perform in Italian, Spanish, French, Macedonian, and Hindi at various functions. Meanwhile, artists from around the world from countries as diverse as China, Greece, Italy, and Vietnam, are performing regularly to sell-out crowds. Sydney is also home to more than 21 language-based film festivals. With advances in technology, accessing one's favourite songs, TV shows and films from around the world is just a click of a button away. Is the pop culture of Sydney more multilingual than ever? This expert talk invites the audience to join in a discussion on Sydney's pop cultural scene and its multilingual turn. 

We have an amazing lineup of speakers: Sylvia Liu (Fusion Culture Group), Thang Ngo (Noodlies / Identity Communication), Hilary Hughes (NSW School of Languages), Kevin Pagaddinnimath (South Asian Film, Arts & Literature Festival), and Lauren Gorfinkel & Sarah Keith (Macquarie University).

See you there!

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