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Multilingual Sydney


Multilingual Sydney (edited by Alice Chik, Phil Benson & Robyn Moloney. Routledge, 2019) 

Part 1 'A multilingual city in a multilingual world' covers theories and research on urban multilingualism internationally, and outlines the linguistic demography of multilingual Sydney and key issues affecting the city. 
Part 2 'Policy, ideologies and practice' examines a number of important dimensions of urban multilingualism. 
Part 3 'Learning languages' covers a number of contexts in which languages are learned in a multilingual city. 
Part 4 ' Languages and communities' examines some of the languages and their speakers that make up the tapestry of multilingualism in Sydney. 
Contributors: Phil Benson, Alice Chik, Jinhyun Cho, Kate Crittenden, Ken Cruickshank, Greg Ford, James Forrest, Qian Gong, Lauren Gorfinkel, Anikó Hatoss, Kathleen Heugh, Sarah Keith, Lid King, Loy Lising, Robyn Moloney, Emi Otsuji, Alastai Pennycook, Roxana Rascon, Peter Roger, Antonia Rubino, Frank Siciliano, Jeremy Steel, Lynda Yates, and Beth Zielinski. 
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