Multilingualism Research Centre Capability Statement

Learn more about what we do! Advancing research on languages to inform social, cultural and education policies. 


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Multilingualism Research Centre Annual Report 2020 

2020 has been challenging, but we achieved a lot. Read our annual report to learn more about our activities in 2020. 


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International students’ experience of racism report

This is a report prepared for the City of Ryde Council. The project conducted a survey with 400 participants and in-depth focus group discussion with 20 participants.


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What are languages worth? Community languages for the future of NSW

This is a report prepared for the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools. This report draws on Australian and international research to evaluate the contribution of community languages to the economic, social and cultural future of New South Wales. 


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Visibility of Multi-culturalism online

This is a report prepared for The Multicultural Network. This report examines how local institutions and businesses represent this diversity on their websites in Bankstown and Auburn.

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What are languages worth? Community language for the future of New South Wales 2022

This is an updated version of the much-cited 2019 report. 


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Multilingual and Multicultural Australia: The Challenges and Path Ahead

Multilingualism Research Centre and the State Library of NSW cohosted this event. Read our report on the roundtable held in December 2020.


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Investigating test preparation practices: Reducing risks

This is a report prepared for IELTS to examine the test preparation experiences among IELTS test-takers: what they know about the test, how they prepare to use test-taking strategies or the activities they undertake in their daily lives to improve their English in preparation for the test. This report addresses these questions.


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MRG Milestones

Established in July 2019, the Multilingualism Research Centre builds on the activities and achievements of its predecessor, the Multilingual Research Group (MRG). This report summarizes the work of the group up to July 2019.

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Racism. It Stops with Me

This is a report prepared for the City of Ryde. It examines 191 female international students' experiences of racism. 

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