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Multicultural March: Languages of Sydney

NSW State Library (Dixon Room)

March 30, 2019 (2:30 - 4 pm)

In Sydney, more than 52% of school students have a language background other than English. To address ways of knowing and learning of our diverse student population, educators need to acknowledge, recognise and incorporate in their teaching the linguistic and cultural heritage of their students. How do multilingual students view languages? How do languages shape the students' identities? Join Alice Chik, Susan Markose and Diane Alperstein, authors of Languages of Sydney: The people and the passion, who will address these two questions.

The one-hour program will include a short presentation and an interactive workshop on using the tool kit of language portraits and stories to explore the dynamics of the multicultural and multilingual classroom. The authors are language and literacy professionals who are themselves migrants to Sydney. They believe that the people and their passion for languages and cultures combine to make Sydney a great metropolis.

Presented by the Macquarie Multilingualism Research Group, Macquarie University (link).

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